Core Deficits


Core Deficits

Each time I review the core deficits of autism with a new family I feel like I get a deeper understanding of them myself. I recently reviewed them with a family and as I was doing that I started thinking of new and different ways to explain them. I’m not sure if every consultant has this experience or not, but my guess is yes.

I find this to be really exciting because I feel like I am becoming better able to help parents identify how each of the core deficits affects their own child. Which allows me to help them understand why their child has difficulties with certain things such as not being able to share about their day at school.

The other thing that I find exciting is that as I get a deeper understanding of each of the core deficits I spend more time thinking about how I use each of these areas in my own life each day. I find myself using the words “good enough” all the time now. I also find myself thinking about my communication and limiting the amount of questions I use not just with children on the spectrum, but in my conversations with all kids.

I encourage each of you to take a few minutes this next week and think about the core deficits. Maybe you will think about them in relation to your child on the spectrum either how they are still affecting your child or maybe how they have improved in each area. Maybe you will just take a few minutes and think about them in relation to yourself. Either way it is always a good idea to stop and think about the core deficits every once in a while.

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