Isn’t it amazing how sometimes patterns just emerge? This has happened to me a lot lately over the past few weeks. I have spent time during many of my consultations the past few weeks really thinking about regulatory patterns/co-regulation.

Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in the process of being or really focused on one particular objective that we forget about the patterns or co-regulation that is so important to the underlying success of the relationship that is being built. Or for those who are just starting out the co-regulation is so important. I just love it when I am sitting down with a set of parents and they say to me, “you know I think I just need to take some time to just be with my child or I need to think about building the trust and strengthening the relationship.” Ah, it’s about the being together and just taking a walk or swinging on the swing or tickling or snuggling. It doesn’t have to be about any one thing just the rhythm of being can be enough to establish the co-regulation.

I have spent considerable time thinking about the families with whom I work and how this co-regulation happens or needs to happen. I think it is such an amazing and critical piece in developing a truly solid relationship.

This might be the moment where you take a step back and think about co-regulation and how that is happening for you these days. Maybe it is time to just pause, grab your child’s hand and just go for a walk.

Talk to you soon,

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