I have the great pleasure of being able to post on my birthday this year. Not only is it my birthday, but it is the day of our Open House to show off our large expansion. What a great way to spend my day.

I turned the page in my day-to-day calendar this morning to find a very fitting quote for the day. It said, “I love getting older. The essentials become so much clearer…and fewer!” Elizabeth
I’m sure this will become truer with each passing year. I already find this to be somewhat true when it comes time to think of things I might like for my birthday I have a harder and harder time because do I really need anything other than essentials? Not really of course birthdays should be about the things that we don’t really need, but about things that we want or that make us happy. I also find this to be true.

Anyway I know many people begin to dread birthdays as they get older. I have never been one to dread turning another year older my philosophy has always been age is only a number you are only as old as you feel. Of course some days that feels pretty old, but not usually. I really enjoy having birthdays because the day usually turns out to be special and unique.

So for those of you out there who dread your birthday try to look at in a new way this year. Look for the special uniqueness that the day brings or represents.

Enjoy your special day whenever it comes!

Talk to you soon,

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