Beating the Summer Blues, Part 1: Simple Variations to Summer Routines


Beating the Summer Blues, Part 1: Simple Variations to Summer Routines

Family at summertime School has been dismissed now for a couple of weeks, and families may start becoming restless with the lackadaisical days of summer. For many families, this is the time of year to unwind from the business of the school year and enjoy each other’s company. But for other families this time of the year can become very stressful, not knowing what to do with the kids while they are home from school.

Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed by what you can do with your children each and every day during the summer months. Here are a few simple strategies and variations that you can add to your day to make it fresh and new for everyone at home.

Switch your daily meals around. You could have lunch foods during breakfast time, dinner foods for lunch, and breakfast foods for dinner. This would be a fun variation on the typical meals of the day that everyone can enjoy. Be sure to have your kids help with the planning and preparation!

Have a slumber party! For many children, slumber parties are a lot of fun. You can create your own slumber party at home by sleeping together in the living room, camping in the backyard, or switching bedrooms with one another for an evening. You could even switch houses with a relative or neighbor for a night!

Use a different mode of transportation. We are all used to hopping in the car each and every time we need to go somewhere. Since our schedules are more relaxed during the summer, try using a different mode of transportation to reach your destination. Riding bikes, walking, and even taking the bus can be fun and educational experiences for yourself and your youngsters.

Cook your meals using different instruments. If you normally use the oven to cook, try using the grill, toaster, or stovetop. Cooking your dinner over a fire in the backyard can be very enjoyable as well. Involving your children in the meal time preparations can also lead to wonderful learning experiences.

Rearrange the house. Summer is a great time to do some reorganizing and rearranging. You and your children can rearrange cupboards, furniture, and other items around the house. You can move from room to room and create a plan for how you would like to organize it, and where the furnishings should be moved.

Create your own entertainment. Research has shown the poor effects that watching TV and playing video games can have on children. It can be fun to unplug the electronics and create your own entertainment. As a family, you could put on your own show by pretending to be lost in the jungle or in outer space. The possibilities are endless!

By using simple variations to your daily summer routines, you can create a new and exciting adventure each day. The summer months do not need to be boring for families, since by adding simple variations to your daily routines you can create a household full of excitement and fun!