Awesome Work


Awesome Work

I think I have the most incredible job. It is such a privilege working with such an array of families. Each family comes with their own challenges and each come with their own strengths. I have learned from each family and thoroughly enjoy each of the unique qualities they provide. The children are such a blessing as well. Each child also comes with their own challenges and strengths. It’s an amazing process to figure out what each child/parent/family needs and guide them to a happier more fulfilling home. Thank you Dr. Gutstein and Sheely for developing such an amazing program! You’ve truly changed hundreds of families’ lives through your hard work!

In addition to the families that I work with, I get to work with the most amazing people. My co-workers are such a joy to work with and I learn from all of them daily. Every week new ideas are generated and new approaches formed. Nothing ever remains static or boring around our center!! This keeps the work that we do challenging and very exciting. Often I leave work with my head spinning, but am always so excited to return to work. What a unique privilege to have!

One of the things that helps us to continue offering top of the line services is to receive feedback and ideas from others. Especially those who live with a child with special needs. As Nicole mentioned yesterday, we have developed a survey for families to fill out to help us better understand the educational needs of their children. I am so thankful for the thirty people who already filled this survey out! What a wonderful response so far. (That was just in the first 3 hours since the survey was posted!!) For those who haven’t filled it out yet, take a few minutes to do so now. It doesn’t take long and the information helps us to continue offering services that are the most meaningful to our families. There is a link on the left side of the page called Instructional Program Survey. We appreciate your feedback!

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