Autism Remediation-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Autism Remediation-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Autism Remediation-Friendly Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year when we’re thinking about gifts..what to give and what we want to get. In the spirit of a remediation friendly holiday, here aremy Top 5 sites for giving and getting great gifts:

1) FatBrainToys – This site is filled with awesome toys, games, projects, and books that actually require brain power. Many things can be done collaboratively or you can choose things for your child to do on their own. There is also a significant selection of items made in the USA for those who are concerned with the recent issues surrounding imported toys. Customer service is great; shipping is reasonable; and there stuff makes your brain fat…so check it out!

2) Highlights – Known for their popular children’s magazine, this company also sells a fabulous assortment of toys, games, and books for children of all ages. Buy a Highlights subscription and it will be the gift that keeps giving all year long!

3) Mindware – If you’re looking for some great active toys, building kits, science experiments, geography games, and the like then you’ll want to check out this site! There is a list of parent award-winning items that is helpful if you’re not sure what to look at first, and you can also idea lists by typing in the age of the child you are shopping for.

4) Cranium – This company makes really cool toys and games that are fun for kids and adults of all ages. We have a number of their items at our office (a favorite is the Cranium Super Fort Kit) and the parents have as much fun with them as the kids! You can also sometimes find Cranium items at stores like Target, but not consistently so you are better off ordering on-line.

5) Horizons – Of course you’ll want to come to our sight to shop for the popular “Do Something Daily” perpetual calendar. These calendars make excellent gifts for any parent on your list! You can also purchase Horizons Gift Cards that are good for any Horizons product or service. Make sure to let your family members and friends know that you want Horizons Gift Cards for the holidays – they are the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime!

Happy Shopping and Until Next Week,

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