Ask the Horizons Team: Games to help stay focused on activities


Ask the Horizons Team: Games to help stay focused on activities


I am looking for some new games to play with my boys, ages 9 and 10. Both are very intelligent but struggle with staying focused on activities not of their choosing. They also have some visual processing challenges we are trying to improve. Any ideas would be appreciated!

-Rachel in Michigan


Hi Rachel,

It’s great that you are thinking about using games to address some of your boys’ challenges. Games can be great ways to work on focus and concentration, as well as specific skill deficits. Here are some that we use often at our center to address the issues you mentioned:

  • Square Up
  • Clever Castle
  • Rush Hour (regular and junior versions)
  • Spot It!
  • Logic Links
  • Castle Logix

All of these games are available on Amazon, as well as through other game websites and stores. Some of them are single-player games, and I would recommend that you supervise for a while until you are sure they have the concept and are able to play correctly. Most of these games also have increased levels of challenge built into them. The boys can start at the most basic level, and as they move through each card or level there is an increasing amount of challenge. I hope you enjoy using these with them!

Take Care,

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