Are You a Peacock or a Penguin?


Are You a Peacock or a Penguin?

I found this great little movie on the internet at, and was inspired to write about the message it conveyed. The story begins by talking about how the penguins were the leaders in many organizations. One day, a peacock comes along and begins spreading his creativity and ingenuity. At first, the penguins were excited by the new ideas; but as time went on they became uncomfortable with the changes, and decided to go back to their old ways. The peacock was disheartened until he met a seagull that took him to the “Land of Opportunity.” Here the peacock met birds of many different shapes, sizes, and abilities. Their shared knowledge of the world made them successful. The peacock discovered that to find opportunity, you must be open to new ideas, be willing to listen, be eager to learn, have a desire to grow, and be flexible enough to change. He found that we can all live in the “Land of Opportunity” if we choose to see beyond ourselves, open our hearts, and be who we are.

So, why did I choose to share this story? Too often, I think, we are the penguins stuck in our old ways, unable to see the opportunities around us. In our minds, it is easier and safer to stay in a place of comfort, and resist change. Let’s face it, the majority of people who have established a routine don’t like to mess it up by making changes! I know some families that take the same summer vacation year after year. They go to the same place, eat in the same restaurants, do the same activities – all at the same time of year. While I understand that this may be considered tradition, it leads to a lot of missed opportunities. There is a big world out there just waiting to be discovered.

When we get bogged down in the day to day “ho hum” of our lives, we can miss the little opportunities that present themselves. I will readily admit that I miss daily opportunities for making new discoveries when my eyes are closed and my heart is not open. On the days when I take the time to slow down, look beyond myself and open my heart, the opportunities seem endless. Sometimes the multitude of opportunities can feel daunting, and making a change can be scary; but it can be completely awesome as well.

Many of the families that we see at our center have done just this. They have sought out the opportunity to make a change and a difference in their child’s life. This is not an easy decision for any family, for a multitude of reasons. Having the courage to seek out change is the first step in finding new opportunities for the child and family. Many families come to us disheartened after trying many other things, but with an openness to new ideas, a willingness to listen, an eagerness to learn, a desire to grow, and enough flexibility to change. Having all of these tools allows them to open their eyes and heart to discover a whole new world of opportunities waiting for their child and family. This is one of the things that I truly love about CORE Approach: the vast array opportunities that are discovered every day. These families have all found a way to be peacocks, and discover the “Land of Opportunity.”

Will you be a peacock or a penguin? Will you discover the “Land of Opportunity?” It’s all up to you!

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