An Overflowing Heart (Emotion Sharing)


An Overflowing Heart (Emotion Sharing)

“When the heart overflows, it comes out through the mouth.” – African proverb

I had the greatest emotion sharing moment ever at school yesterday. I have a group of two students with autism that come to see me two times each week. One of the students asked at our previous session if we could read the book I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. So yesterday was the day. Now, I have several versions of this story and just randomly selected one of the books off the shelf to read. I guess that even though I have read this version before I must not have ever really paid attention to the pictures. As I was reading yesterday I was really trying to call attention to different aspects about the book not just the words, but the pictures and to use some declarative language. I came to the page where the lady is going to eat the cat and looked down at the picture where I discover the lady is making a cat sandwich. She is putting all sorts of condiments, lettuce, olives, cheese, etc. on the cat’s head. The cat has this expression on it’s face like “why me?” Well I started to chuckle a little and then the two students started to laugh and we all ended up just laughing and laughing about this. It got even funnier when on the opposite page the woman has obviously started to eat the cat and the cat’s tail is sticking out of her mouth. Well needless to say we all had a good belly laugh over this.

How I wish I had a video camera yesterday to capture that on tape. It was the best. Our hearts were surely overflowing out of our mouths at that moment. Try letting your heart overflow today.

Talk to you soon,

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