AGH – we’re still in craziness!


AGH – we’re still in craziness!

Ok – most likely by next Friday, everyone will be moved into their new space. We’re having the inspector come Monday to obtain our occupancy permit. We can’t wait! Our driveway is a mess, but we’re dealing with it. The girls are having so much fun decorating and finding new spaces for everything. Enjoy your weekly pictures – I took a lot so enjoy!

Our front yard and driveway – ok – we have a little bit of dirt.

Sarah’s new OT room – it’s super huge!

This is the staircase you used to all go up and down – it’s not there anymore – it’s a closet!

We had to rearrange the upstairs living room because of the addition.

Michelle’s office

Courtney’s office

Erin’s office

Nicole’s office (well part of it – it’s so big I couldn’t get it all in one picture!)

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