A Sense of Community


A Sense of Community

I decided that I would blog about our bi-weekly on-line chats that we do with our current RDI families this week. I really enjoy doing this every few weeks. It gives me an opportunity to interact with several different families that I wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to chat with since I am not their consultant.

We chatted this week about fall activity ideas. I have to say that I love our activity idea chats. Not only do I like to share ideas, but I also get so many new ideas myself. We came up with ideas for apples, leaves, and pumpkins. It was a lot of fun even though there were only two parents on the chat.

I really enjoy this opportunity for community and sharing. I think parents also like the chance to chat with other parents in the same situation. Some of the newer families have the chance to learn from some of our more veteran parents. It can also be the other way around. It is fun to see the different ways that people approach the same difficulties or topics. I also love to hear the success stories. These chats truly provide a chance for the parents in our practice to connect with each other.

The sense of community and connectedness is what makes me so excited about our new “Cluster Coaching” sessions that we have coming up. I think this is truly a great opportunity for those of you in our nearby community that are interested in becoming a part of our Horizons family, but aren’t yet ready to delve into a full blown RDI program or need a lower cost option for working with your child. I am also excited about the opportunity for families to connect with each other through these clusters. We are beginning with an introductory cluster and hope to expand from there to special interest clusters. We are offering multiple day and time options to meet the schedules of families. If you are interested or want more information you can contact us at info@horizonsdrc.com.

I think a sense of family and community is really important to making us all feel like we belong and that someone understands. Find the family or community that suits you best and embrace it. You’ll feel better for it.

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