A New Member of Horizons


A New Member of Horizons

Introducing a new member to Horizons and saying “Goodbye” to a trusty old friend.

“Old Friend”

After many years of hard work and dedication our trusty old copy machine decided to take a puke on us. It has served Horizons well. Nicole and Michelle were telling me the story of when they decided to purchase this copy machine and what a big deal it was to them – they were so excited to get a copy machine and Nicole was so nervous to spend the $300 on such a large piece of office equipment. That was almost 5 years ago. Well, it wasn’t worth it to fix it so on to new and better things for the ever growing Horizons.

“New Friend”

This new purchase made me so excited. This is something I have been asking for for quite some time. My old friend took up quite a lot of space on my desk top and I new if we ever upgraded that we’d get something that would be off my desktop – so needless to say when my old friend took a puke I was a little joyful. I was threatened with not being paid for weeks so that we could purchase a new one, but we found a new friend that would work well for our growing business and would allow me to get paid – whew!!! So, one day I was out getting lunch and arrived back and to my surprise found a new friend waiting for me. I gave it a big hug – seriously! It does so many neat things that my old friend never did – double side without having to open the bottom tray and flipping the paper around, collates, staples, and the best feature of all it’s off my desk and out of my office! I was told this is my gift for Christmas, my anniversary, my birthday, for the next 2 years so I better be good. Thank you so much to Horizons for getting this wonderful piece of office equipment – it’s awesome! Who knew that something like this could make someone so happy!

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