ADHD Treatment for Children in Grand Rapids

ADHD Treatment for Children in Grand Rapids

ADHD Treatment for Children in Grand Rapids

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder
diagnosed primarily in children.  Some of the symptoms people often associate with
ADHD include inability to pay attention or follow tasks, trouble staying organized, fidgety
behavior, excessive talking and trouble following directions.  Other less obvious
symptoms include difficulty planning and problem solving, impulsive decision-making,
and challenges with regulating emotions. Most kids have trouble with being fidgety or
following directions some of the time, but with ADHD it goes beyond having occasional
trouble. Children with ADHD have symptoms that negatively impact their academic
learning, social relationships, and behavior at home and school.  The good news is that
there are many effective treatments and therapies for ADHD, including a world-class
treatment center in the greater Grand Rapids area.

The first step in meeting the needs of a child with ADHD is a proper diagnosis.  Simply
being inattentive during class is not enough to diagnose!  A comprehensive evaluation
that looks at your child’s developmental history, family history, functioning in multiple
environments, learning skills, and processing abilities are all important components of
determining whether ADHD is present or not.

Once a diagnosis of ADHD is made, treatment options should be determined based on
your child’s unique needs.  Medication is an option most people have heard of for
ADHD, but these medications carry many negative side effects and often cause more
problems than they solve for children with ADHD.  A comprehensive treatment plan that
addresses all of the underlying developmental, physical, neurological, and
environmental issues should be developed and implemented.

A major component in helping your child is finding a quality local resource center for
ongoing therapy and treatment.  Finding a good child and family therapy center in
Grand Rapids will aid in reducing your child’s ADHD symptoms and will help him or her
continue to thrive.  Horizons Developmental Resource Center is a highly acclaimed
treatment clinic servicing the Grand Rapids area.  At Horizons DRC you and your child
will learn and implement the tools needed to overcome symptoms and achieve success
in all areas of life.  Nutrition consultation, individual and family counseling and
movement therapies are a few of the valuable services provided to help you and your

Children with ADHD have many wonderful qualities and abilities!  Don’t let a diagnosis
change how you perceive your child. Rather, work with professionals to help your child
and family thrive with ADHD.


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Horizons Development Resource Center serves the following areas in and around Grand Rapids,
Wyoming, Caledonia, Kentwood, Middleville, Lowell, Forest Hills, Hudsonville, Walker, Holland,
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you, please contact us here with your specific need.

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