Tour Horizons Developmental Resource Center

Family-friendly environment:

When making a decision about treatment for your child and family, the physical environment is definitely an important consideration. You want to receive treatment services in an environment that is clean, comfortable, family-friendly, and well suited to the type of treatment you require.

We’ve all been to offices that fell short in some or all of these areas, and it’s not a pleasant experience. Many families have horror stories of hour-long waits in cramped office waiting rooms with nothing to do, and staff constantly giving them the evil eye because the kids are bored and upset. You won’t experience that here.  We provide treatment for autism, help for ADHD, and support for individuals with a learning disorder or other neurodevelopmental issues in a comfortable state of the art environment.

Home-like setting with a kitchen, living room, and backyard:

All areas of our 6,000 square foot family-friendly facility are designed with the needs of families in mind. Our home-like setting is specially equipped to fit the needs of parents and children of all ages. Families love the comfortable atmosphere and the fact that their children are immediately put at ease because they don’t feel like they are walking into a doctor’s office.

The unique setting we have created also allows families to receive assessment and treatment services in an environment that closely mirrors their homes.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to receive consultation and treatment services in an environment with a kitchen, living room, and backyard you are going to love it!

Top-notch rooms for assessments and treatments:

In addition to our home-like spaces we also have state-of-the-art rooms devoted to assessment, consultation, instruction, and sensory-motor treatment. The use of video technology allows us to capture sessions to aide in program development and monitoring progress over time. All of our families are invited to create a work of art on canvas to hang somewhere in the facility. We are so proud of our families and want each of them to hold a place of distinction on our walls.

Watch the video tour of our home:

If you haven’t already done so, watch the video (above) to get a personal tour of what you will experience when you visit. Look for the artwork as you view the images, and be thinking about what creation you and your child will add when you join the Horizons family.


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