About Us


Chances are, you never saw your life going this way. You’ve been thrown for a loop and you’re facing a future for yourself and your child that you didn’t anticipate.

At Horizons we not only want to make your Right Now more manageable (behavior, school performance, social skills, home life), we want to open up the possibilities for a hopeful, bright future.

Some of our clients have been with us for 13+ years. We’ve had the privilege of walking through their childhood with them and now we are watching them grow into adults; becoming the best version of themselves and accomplishing things people said they would never accomplish.

While we don’t have magic wands, we have our own definition of magic, and to us, that looks like:

  • A caring, committed, expert team of clinicians with varying personalities and skill sets designed to serve a wide range of families and cases. As a group we are dedicated to continuing education so we are armed with innovative, cutting edge approaches and treatments. We are your partners and we are committed to pushing forward and walking with you through whatever challenges arise and we are humbled that you’d let us into your lives.
  • A desire to get to the root of issues; never relying on bandaids to solve complex problems. We believe in customized treatments because every individual has different neurology, biochemistry, and familial makeup. We believe there are better ways of treatment than simply medication, and we desire to educate our clients so they can make informed choices.
  • An eye on family. Time and time again we’ve witnessed that treatment only works well when it works for the parents and family.
  • Time. Too often care looks like a brief office visit followed by a quickly written prescription for medication or generic counseling. Parents and patients aren’t given a proper analysis or discussion of the root causes of symptoms, let alone the side effects and risks of prescriptions and recommended treatment. We believe in trying non-medication options first, informing parents and patients every step of the way. Our consultations are not in and out. Instead we take time to listen and explore each case, digging through the layers of challenges and treatments, to isolate symptoms and get to the real issues that need to be addressed.

Ultimately we believe there is a better way to approaching care. And we are fiercely committed to doing it right.

At Horizons DRC we serve all types of situations, including, but not limited to the following issues and disorders:
Autism Spectrum Disorder / ASD
Anxiety Disorders
Mood Disorders
Behavioral Issues
Sensory Challenges
Speech and Language Concerns
Feeding Disorders

With treatments like:
Individual and Family Counseling
Behavior Therapy
Parent Training
Feeding therapy
Nutrition Consultation
Movement Therapy
Speech Therapy
School Support
Summer Programs

Our Story

Horizons was founded by a family for families. Back in 2003 a small seed was planted in the form of a summer program to support children with autism and their families. That first summer we worked with a small group of children and parents in the basement of our home. We never could have dreamed how that seed would take root and grow. Over the past 13 years we have continually sought to meet the needs of children, adults, and families in our community and beyond. That has led us to expand many times – moving programs out of our basement into a small house; putting an addition on that small house to accommodate more programs; and then putting on another addition to serve even more people. We now operate out of our new building, have grown from a staff of 1 to a staff of 9, and from serving 13 families that first summer to supporting hundreds of families each year. It’s our honor to do so and we look forward to meeting you.