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What to Do When Kids Ask “Do I Have To?”

I am sure we have all thought, heard, or said these four little words many times in our lives.  They can be said in many different tones of voice, but essentially boil down to, “I don’t want to do what I need to do right now.”  The reasons behind not wanting to do something can …


Selective Mutism Strategy- Sticker Charts

Sticker charts are something that many children love to see and use. I remember being in school and seeing my chart hanging on the wall with those of other students. I can recall the feeling of great success when I was able to put a sticker on the chart, and the sense of accomplishment when …


Back to the Basics Part II: Time

60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day– not too confusing, right? Well, this is a concept that at times seems foreign to many of the clients I work with. Grasping the idea of time, what it is and how it works, can be exhausting. Much like …


Take a Break When You Have Reached Your Limit

Our local schools had a break recently, and I took some vacation time to be at home with my kids.  We had a great time during our “staycation,” and did lots of fun things around town.  While we were out and about, I observed lots of parents interacting with their children.  It seemed to me …


What is Your Behavior Saying?

Picture this:  You are sitting in an airport waiting for your family member, when you see a young woman emerge from the gateway.  She stops, looks around uncertainly, and then a huge smile spreads across her face as she begins running toward a small group of people waiting a short distance away.  She embraces each …


Responding to Boredom

In my last article, I discussed the benefits of boredom. So it’s okay to be bored from time to time, and it’s important to allow boredom; but what about too much boredom? As summer quickly approaches, it’s important to think about how you are going to respond to “I’m bored” without panicking and handing over …


Back to the Basics Part I: Money

Math these days can be a tricky thing, as simple addition and subtraction problems have changed quite a bit since I was in school– which wasn’t all that long ago. Again and again, I see my clients passing math classes such as algebra, but struggling to add up a quarter and nickel. You would think …


Integrated Listening Systems and Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing

No matter what job you have, I’m sure you have some favorite tools to do it.  When you find something that works, you always want to use it.  Sometimes you even try to find multi-purposes for the tool.  I am no different, and love to find tools that are useful in many situations. In the …


The Benefits of Boredom

Thinking back to my childhood, television shows for kids were only available about 30 minutes a day; and the 4 stations our television received were the only options to explore. Recording shows was not an option (until the VHS tape came out), nor a phone or tablet to fall back on when bored. Video games …


SM Strategy- How to ask questions

When working with a child with selective mutism, among the main exchanges you want to avoid are yes and no questions. You might be wondering why it’s important to avoid these types of the questions. Well, the answer is quite simple when you think about it: Yes and no questions can be easily answered with …

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